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Our Club

We opened our Club in November 2003 at Sundance Farms in LaBelle. After Hurricane Wilma destroyed our facilities, we relocated at Shell Creek Airport in Punta Gorda in February 2006.

We are centrally located between Marco Island and Sarasota, where you will experience the unique views of the Gulf of Mexico. Why drive longer??

We rebuilt  one day at the time and today we became a  family where everybody knows each other, cares about each other and welcomes new members. Here you are not a number, you are part of our Community (Club member fee waived for the 1st year).

We are a group member of the United States Parachute Association. (USPA Group Member Pledge)

Our priority number one is safety. No fatalities since we have been open!

We have a family oriented atmosphere and are proud to be known as the strictest skydiving center in Florida.


We actually do offer two altitudes you can choose: 10,000 feet and 13,000 feet. The only difference is the freefall time. You have about 40 seconds freefall from 10,000 feet and 60 seconds from 13,000 feet. The time under the parachute is the same as we do open the parachute at the same altitude which is about 5 to 7 minutes. You will not feel the 20 seconds freefall difference the first time as the experience is so overwhelming. Higher the first time is not always the better! So why spend extra if not needed, but it is up to you, you choose!

We are not affiliated with any online central reservations, living social or Groupon, ...


We are not a Tandem Factory

We can accommodate 1 tandem to 40 tandems a day, and you will still be treated as our  guest, not as a number. We highly recommend to make an appointment so we are ready for you upon arrival, and you do not have to wait for hours without being noticed (usually count an average of 2 hours of your time depending on the group size of course). We do not overbook, therefore you will be jumping the day of your appointment unless bad weather or unforeseen circumstances. In case of bad weather, your deposit will be refunded, not such a thing as a rain check!! There is always another day in the sunny Florida. We try to make your experience among us as enjoyable as possible.

Once the parachute opens, our instructors do not rush you to the ground to pick up the next tandems. They do take the time to give you the control of the parachute, explain you how to steer it and let you enjoy the beautiful views of the Gulf of Mexico.



SW Florida Skydive Club operates 2 Cessna 182 with upgraded engines going to 13,000 feet.

All our planes are maintained based on FAR 91.409(a) & (b) Annual and 100 Hour inspections, no exceptions!.

Climb to altitude is about 15 minutes to 10,000 feet or 20 minutes to 13,000 feet.

We can send 4 tandems at the time in 2 planes.


Our Club is using top of the line equipment maintained by our FAA certificated riggers, and we follow all the FAA and manufacturers requirements, and beyond.


All our instructors and coaches started with the Club, and progressed with us. They are all USPA (United States Parachute Association) rated.



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