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Share your Greatest Experience with the World! Check out our new Tandem ONLINE VIDEO feature packages:

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We can now stream your skydiving video online and optimize it to watch on select mobile Phones/Devices.

All your friends and family watching your skydive on the internet...PRICELESS!

After arriving, you will fill out all required paperwork, watch a short video, receive about 20 minutes of instructions, and then go skydive, it's that easy.

We use the tandem jump as your introduction to this awesome sport. A tandem jump is where you are physically harnessed to the instructor for the entire jump. This allows you the "peace of mind" to completely enjoy your jump without having to "worry" about a bunch of mind bending training. If you decide skydiving is for you after your first jump, we offer complete instruction up to and beyond certification. You will jump from up to 13,000 feet and freefall for about a minute, and then descent for 5 to 7 minutes under a large parachute designed for two. The landings will literally amaze you. Some, are soft, some are stand-ups, some are butt slides, and, yes, sorry to say some are harder than normal!

You can have your skydive recorded on HD Video camera. They will capture the entire experience from training to landing. We can also "mix" your DVD to your favorite music. We have a large selection of perfect skydiving music, but if you prefer your own, bring the CD with you. The video and photo (40 stills) package is optional, but highly recommended. After landing you'll receive your First Jump Certificate.

You're now a skydiver !

Plus share your new experience
by bringing your friends along!!

You might get a FREE tandem.
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