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Cessna 182 (min. 4 jumpers)
Hop N' Pop 3,500 Feet $20.00
10,000 Feet $23.00
13,000 Feet $27.00

Acquiring new skills.
Want to improve your skills beyond A-License!
We'll focus on body position, forward and backward movement, fall rate control, side slides, center point turns, exit, communications. Every jump will have a detailed preparation and debrief.

One-on-One Coach jump $70.00
5 coach jumps $65.00 each
Also, you do NOT need to do all the jumps you purchase all at once. They can stay on your account for as long as you like, and you can use them whenever you like.
Coach slot and fee can be shared if not one-on-one coach jump.


Rig Rental:
Per jump $25.00
Per day $65.00
(if more than 3 jumps)

Rental fee is based on normal use.
We do our best to keep our rental gears in great shape. Please treat the gear with care.
If you borrowed a rig from a friend and damaged or lost it, you'd feel obligated to pay for it as he would expect. Same consideration here.
In the event of any lost, wet, damaged or unreturned equipment, we reserve the right to charge you to compensate for cost of damage up to retail price of the gear.

Order a complete new system from Rigs & Things Paraservice and get FREE gear rental until delivery of your order.

Main: $7.00
Reserve repack: $75.00 (cash discount)
One week notice for reserve pack.

Rating courses:

- Coach rating Course

Safety Rules

Experienced jumpers information


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