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Experienced Jumpers Information

SW Florida Skydive Club is a friendly DZ and welcomes first time to experienced skydivers.
When entering the dirt road, please no littering or speeding. Respect the 5 mph speed limit.

Jumping requirements: Our DZ is a Group member of USPA. Please provide us with your current USPA membership, proof of your license status and a reserve packing card when you sign our waiver. Your log book might also be requested.

Manifest: Manifest for loads only when you are ready to jump. Missed loads will not be refunded! Please be ready at the loading area when you hear your five-minute call.

Requirements for take off: RIG MUST BE ON - leg straps and chest straps correctly threaded prior to boarding. Seat belts must be worn on the plane until 1,000 ft AGL - no exception. If you choose not to wear your helmet, you must secure it to your chest strap or seat belt.

Exit orders: Bellyflyers - largest to small groups, Freeflyers - largest to small groups, Students, Tandems, Wingsuit flyers and CRW.

Exit Separation: with reported upper winds of 0-10 knots, please allow between 5-7 seconds between exits (take into account the time it takes to climb out of the aircraft.) For winds of 15 knots or higher please use the following formula: Take Upper winds and divide by half which will give you the recommended amount of time between exits!

Upper winds:
15 knots - 7 seconds between exit groups
30 knots - 15 seconds between exit groups
40 knots - 20 seconds between exit groups

Landing rules: Check out the aerial map of the landing areas at manifest. We use a left hand pattern. First person down sets the pattern so follow the windsock if you are first to land. Tandems & Students have the right of way so watch for traffic.

We have three landing areas:
Main landing area for tandems, students and experienced jumpers; South & North landing area for high performance landings (do not enter main landing area airspace below 1000 feet when swooping)
Click here for aerial photo

Be aware that students may land anywhere!

Type of payment: We accept cash, traveler's checks, Visa and Master Card. All payments are done at manifest. Sorry, No credit.



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