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1) Pets: Not allowed. (we already have a DZ dog, Sheba).
Also, please note that in Florida it is illegal to leave an animal in an unattended vehicle, even with the windows cracked.
Need day care for your dog, visit

2) Loading Area: Absolutely NO KIDS or spectators. Only certified jumpers are allowed beyond the sign(s) at loading time only! No students without their instructor(s).

You can watch your friends land from the outside boundaries. DO NOT WALK OUT ON THE RUNWAY. It could injure or kill you!

3) Parents: You are solely responsible for the safety and the behavior of your children.

4) Landing Pattern: Low jumper has the “right-of-way“. Left hand pattern, unless weather conditions or other reasons dictates otherwise. Ask a staff member if in doubt.

5) High Performance Landings: You are fully responsible for any and all of your actions. Hook turns forbidden.

6) Canopy Size: Stay within your experience level.

7) Packing Area: No Food or Drinks / NO SMOKING

8) Smoking: Only permitted outside in the picnic area, or at a safe distance from any and all parachute gear and fuel tanks. Please, Do Not Throw Cigarette Butts on the ground.

9) Alcoholic Beverages: Absolutely no drinking of alcoholic beverages until the last jumper has landed from the last load of the day and the beer light is on.

10) Illegal Drugs: No Warnings. Don’t do it.

11) Landing Out: We fully expect that all of our members will be courteous and to respect our neighbors.

12) Parking: Use main parking lot. Vehicles allowed beyond the main parking area for loading and unloadin
g only.

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