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USPA Registration

Coach course registration form
Download and fax it at :

Or mail it to :
Anne-Laure Touron
2212 NW 4th TER
Cape Coral, FL 33993

along with your registration fee of $50.00

               USPA Coach Course

- USPA membership
- B-license
- Minimum of 100 jumps
- Have the required topics signed off on the Coach proficiency card prior to the course

The Coach proficiency card is in the back of the USPA Instructional Rating Manual (IRM). You need a current IRM and SIM for the course, (current means not older then 24 months.)
Take a look at the proficiency card and you will see that some items need to be signed off prior to the course. Most topics on the card will be signed off during the course by either the course director or by your evaluator.

The course starts on the scheduled first day at 9:00AM with verification of the requirements (outlined above) so bring your membership card and logbook if necessary. The course is conducted over 3-days (see the attached schedule) with ground skills and air skills evaluations. To be successful each candidate must score satisfactory on 2-directed teaching sections and on topics for ground preparation for group free fall skills. You must score satisfactory on 2-evaluation jumps to test your air skills. Each candidate must score at least 80 % on the USPA written exam. This is an open book test and must be completed prior to the start of the course. The questions are in the IRM, the SIM, Coach Course Syllabus respectively.

The coach course fee is $175.00 per person for USPA only and you will need a current SIM and IRM . Add the USPA registration fee. You are also responsible for the cost of the jump tickets for yourself and the evaluator (4-seats).

• Introduction and Overview of the Course
• The Role of the Coach
• Teaching Techniques
• Demonstration of Session 1: Practice Teaching
• Demonstration of Exits
• Psychology 1: Goal Setting
• The Coaching Process

• Physiology: Stretching
• Recap Safety Assignments
• Psychology 2: Relaxation Techniques
• Demonstration of Session 2: Practice Teaching
• Demonstration of Session 3
• FS Progression
• Skills Analysis: Video Exercise
• Evaluation Practice Jump

• Practical Evaluations and Examinations
• Canopy Coaching
• Recap, Closure, and Personal Interviews

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