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- please limit your entourage to the minimum

- please leave children at home at this time

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The View

Must be 18 years or older with a valid ID and not exceed 250 lbs to Skydive. Tandem skydivers over 230 pounds will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. An additional fee of $35.00 for people over 230 lbs

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Alzheimers Awareness 
In The News

Tony's Pie 
Tony's Pie

Tandem Video 3 
Tandem Landings

Tandem Video Landings 

Tandem Video 7 
Tyler AFF

Tandem Video 9 
Summers Pie

Aaron, our pilot 
Aaron, Our Pilot

Tandem Video 1 
Tandem Video

Tandem Video 2 
Tandem Video


Alzheimers Awareness 
Alzheimers Awareness

Roy 40th Anniversary 
Roy's 40th Anniversary

Epic Sky

Natashas Pie 
Natasha's Pie

Accuracy Contest 
Accuracy Contest

Boca Grande Demo 
Boca Grande Demo

Halloween Party 2012 
Halloween Party

Free Fly Video 

Free Fly Video 
Marcel AFF


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